It's time to take control
of your own success.

Elevate your grades with Min and his team of coaches through our Complete Care program .

What is the Complete Care program?

After having taught over 1,000 students and making over 20,000 videos, we have developed an online program proven to improve your foundations as well as your study habits.

1. We identify your gaps

By gathering all homework, assignments, and tests, we identify your gaps and needs with pinpoint accuracy.

2. We develop a roadmap

Our program marks and tracks your progress, and determines the most efficient timeline to cover the materials you will need for your test dates.

3. We coach and enrich

Min and his team will coach you individually, create new test reviews, and provide exclusive questions and videos, all tailored to your roadmap.


Tutoring empowered
through technology

We know that effective tutoring is all about relationships. By integrating video chat, file sharing, and real-time messaging, we aim to create a learning environment that engages and empowers.


Compare and See

The Complete Care program offers a better overall service compared to your average tutor.

Average Tutor

They usually charge $40 to $100/hr, and schedule 1 session per week.

In that time, they help with problems and reviews you bring from class and from the textbook

Expertise and quality varies based on the tutor's experience and reputation


Complete Care

We offer $20/hr, available 5 days per week to fit your schedule

We help with your classwork, then add our own advanced problems and reviews for your next test.

The program is based off of Min's 15 years of teaching experience

It's that simple.


Great education made affordable

Check out our monthly packages

CC One

Plan 12 hrs over 4 wks ($20/hr)
CC One is catered towards students who want to get an early start to new material.

CC Plus

Plan 24 hrs over 4 wks ($20/hr)
CC Plus is catered towards students who are behind and need to cover material quickly


Trust the process. Love the learning

It's harder to improve on your own. We invest our time and dedication to make sure you are set for the future.